Отличное кресло: Все, что вам нужно знать о DXRACER

Каждый игровой стул DXracer производится с использованием новейших технологий. Это результат многолетнего опыта изготовления реальных гоночных автомобильных сидений. Все, созданное DXracer , удобно и в конечном итоге удобно. Первой миссией компании было создание специальных мест для людей, которые большую часть времени тратят на гоночные видеоигры. В настоящее время DXracer позволяет своим творческим дизайнерам создавать больше предметов мебели для вашего лучшего игрового процесса.

Серия Рекомендуемые типы корпусов Вес
Предел высоты
Рекомендуемая высота Рекомендуемый вес
Работа Тонкий, Средний, Атлетик 220 lbs 6'1 '' 5'8 '' -6 '' 185 lbs
Проверить цену
Классический Тонкий, Среднее, Атлетическое, Свыше среднего 300 Lbs 6 '5'10' '- 5'11' '250 фунтов
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Athletic,Above average450 lbs6'4''6'-6'2''400 lbsПроверить цену
EliteSlim, Average180 lbs5'9''5'7''150 lbsПроверить цену

Тонкий, Средний, Атлетик 275 lbs6'2''5'9-6'1'' 250lbs
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DriftingSlim,Average200 lbs5'10''5'9''170 lbsПроверить цену

Игровые стулья DXracer отличаются от других типов стульев, которые вы, вероятно, уже использовали. Их ключевая функция - стабильная поддержка вашего позвоночника, защита вашей спины от возможных деформаций и рук от ощущения тяжести. Стулья DXracer защитят вашу спину от шеи до таза и руки от запястий до плеч.

DXracer Конструкция стульев

Каждый компьютерный стул DXracer имеет прочную металлическую основу внутри. Конструкция оснащена газовой пружиной для более удобного положения сидя - с помощью пружины вы сможете изменить высоту стула и получить лучшее положение для идеального игрового процесса. Все DXracer reviews доказывает, что стулья DXracer отлично подходят для игр и занятий на вашем столе. Существует также механизм наклона в конструкции каждого стула DXracer . Он позволяет изменить угол и зафиксировать его для удобной спинки.

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACER

Регулируемые элементы

Каждый из продуктов DXracer имеет настраиваемые элементы, которые могут меняться в зависимости от модели в серии. Вы должны тщательно изучить их, чтобы получить лучший DXracer стул для вашего настроения, здоровой спины и самых удобных игр или изучения времени.

Основной регулируемый DXracer elements that can be found on all of the chairs are armrests that can be moved to eight different positions. They’ve got comfortable pads to satisfy your aesthetic feel and protect your hands from bruises or scratches. Besides, a precisely picked out position will prevent you from getting tired.

Besides, every DXracer is sold together with a cushion for better headrest and a cushion for your lumber support. Each of the cushions can be removed when needed. You’ll feel comfortable and cozy both in your office and at home.

Unique Type of Foam

It’s produced with a cold cure technology. The foam inside each of the DXracer chairs is initially a single block that was cut out and shaped to fit each of the certain chair models or series. This secure DXracer technology helps it to easily get adjusted to the shapes and contours of your body.

DXracer Materials

The main types of materials used by the manufacturer are:

  • Polyvinyl chloride;
  • Polyurethane;
  • Fabric

These top-notch quality DXracer materials let your skin breath without an unpleasant sticky feeling on your skin no matter how humid your climate is.

Large Wheels

That’s one of the most distinctive features in the construction of the DXracer game chairs. The wheels easily move on all types of surfaces without scratching or damaging them. Of course, you still have to look for the ropes and cords that can get stuck in the wheels. Sometimes the wheels are covered with a layer of PU leather for better contact with the surface.

More Features

  1. The framework in the base of each DXracer gaming chair is made of steel. It’s full size providing the users with ultimate comfort, safety and stability.
  2. The back of a gaming chair by DXracer is always straight and high. That’s the first feature that makes it completely different from the majority of chairs you can find in the offices. A short back won’t give your neck a chance to get a relaxed position. The designers of DXracer chairs dealt with this issue and equipped their products with high backs able to support your torso from the bottom to the top. The angle of the back was approved by medical studies.
  3. Possibility to adjust the angle. Each DXracer computer chair can be angled down to 130°.
  4. Memory foam. It’s able to restore its regular shape even if you sit on your DXracer for too long.
  5. Armrests can be fixed at a certain height to help your arms bend at the right angle. They’ll constantly support your wrists and elbows while you hold a mouse or a gaming controller. Users of DXracer chairs are no longer afraid of fatigue.
  6. The casters are made of iron and positioned in the shape of a star. This way the chair is easily moved giving you a feeling of stability at any angle.
  7. Changeable height. That’s one of the basic features turning each gaming chair by DXracer into a comfortable office chair matching with any desk.
  8. A wide range of extra accessories depending on the DXracer product model. Each chair is personalized, giving you a chance to choose a preferable color and material. DXracer designers care about your comfortable leisure and healthy working process.

One size cannot fit everyone, that’s why DXracer has a wide catalogue of products to choose from. We’ve collected and analyzed a ton of information about DXracer products. So, if you’re looking for a DXracer chair review it looks like you’ve got the right way. We’ll review all models of chairs ever created by the company to help you make the right pick.

  • Ultimate comfort;
  • Durability;
  • Outstanding assembling;
  • Adjustable DXracer elements;
  • A full metal construction inside;
  • Adjustable and easily fixable height and angle.
  • High price;
  • Have to be assembled manually. However, there’s a list of detailed instructions, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Now let’s have a more detailed look at some of the most popular models in DXracer series. If you’re looking for the best DXracer chair, browse through the reviews to create the general idea of what your chair should look like.

The official DXracer website says there are several main categories of chairs produced by the company. They are:

  • Gaming chairs;
  • Office chairs;
  • Relaxing chairs;
  • Computer desks.

In addition to the basic set of products, they also produce a ton of additional equipment, accessories and gear together with customized DXracer chairs and special editions for the lovers of video games. Now we’ll have a look at five best DXracer models out of different categories.

5 Most Popular DXracer Chairs on the Market

We’ve studied the activity of customers on the market of gaming and office chairs and picked out 5 most popular DXracer models. These models appear in the market as fast as they get completely unavailable, so you’ll have to be quick in order to get the best DXracer chair to serve you right.

OH/FD101/NB DXracer Formula Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACEROur first DXracer review is devoted to one of the most popular chairs from the Formula gaming series. The first thing that strikes the eye is the coloring. It’s released in 5 different colorings, but the most popular model is in soft blue combined with black. The distinctive feature of all DXracer models is a high chair back. This model is made with a high neck area for more additional support of your spine. The adjustable lumbar and headrest cushions are also included. The designers of this DXracer chair were inspired by real racecar seats, that’s why the chair looks almost completely like a real racing car seat.

General Characteristics:

  • Efficient and ergonomic design with additional adjustable elements.
  • Premium quality mesh inside with top quality soft PU leather surface. The mesh is durable and steady, able to provide maximum comfort and get back to its initial shape after being used.
  • The backseat of this DXracer is adjustable and flexible able to provide stable support and comfortable gaming and working position.
  • An especially durable material is used for the armrests covering. It’s soft and won’t let your arms and wrists get heavy. The angle of the armrests is also adjustable. There’s a possibility to purchase additional footrests covered with nylon.
  • This DXracer chair weight limit is 200 pounds.
  • Ergonomic design including stable metal constructions, adjustable pillows and armrests.
  • High weight limit;
  • 5 color options.
  • Quite heavy in comparison to a number of other DXracer
  • The back of the chair may feel too long for short people;
  • The neck area of the chair has a specific shape (however, it’s not a disadvantage, but an unusual function that may turn out to be useful for half of the users).

OH/OC168/NE DXracer Origin Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERThis DXracer model is probably in the highest demand on the market.  In addition to the basic set of characteristic that we’re going to review there’s an outstanding feature – the coloring. It’s an eye-striking splash of black and bright green. Like other DXracer chairs, this one comes with a high back for healthy support of your back and firm position of your spine. It’s perfect for tall customers – the additional length in the neck area will give you the desired support of your neck and comfortable headrest. Headrest and lumbar cushions are included too.

General Characteristics:

  • The design is flawless – perfect for gamers due to ergonomic structure. This way you get high-end efficiency and convenience from all points of view.
  • The surface of this cool DXracer gaming chair is made of breathable fabrics combined with top quality PU leather. This certain model is stuffed with mesh working very effectively – it keeps your seat’s initial shape and doesn’t let your hands and spine get heavy.
  • All of your joints will be protected with ergonomic armrests combined with a medium cushion that is included in the purchase.
  • There’s a possibility to add a footrest. It’s not only comfortable, but very stylish.
  • The mechanics of this DXracer allows tilting at any angle you wish for leaning back.
  • In addition to the stable full metal construction inside, this компьютерный стул DXracer made with the use of breathable long lasting material perfect for an active gamer.
  • Nice coloring – looks stylish and futuristic.
  • Cushions, soft armrests and tilt mechanics combined with high back give you needed support and healthy sitting position.
  • The price could be lower (almost all of the DXracer chairs are quite pricey). Nevertheless, almost each DXracer gaming chair review says that the quality of these product is unique and actually worth the money spent.

OH/RE0/NW DXracer Racing Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERConsidered to be a piece of art in the family of DXracer products. It’s sleek, modern and very attractive. Perfect for sophisticated clients having no idea what to get. This gaming chair by DXracer is probably all you need. Let’s see what you get.

General Characteristics:

  • This DXracer design is certainly flawless – it’s sleek with attractive shape and a set of color options (the buyers’ activity shows that black and white combination is the winning one).
  • Armrests and back are covered with breathable fabric. It’s smooth and pleasant to touch and sit on.
  • The chair is released and sold out together with an additional backrest. You can attach it to the basic back of the chair to have a stable spine support while you play or work in your office.
  • Gentle, but long lasting material;
  • Full metal framing;
  • Extremely comfortable for long sitting.
  • No footrest included (however it also depends on the seller you get your DXracer from).

OH/OC168/NE DXracer Origin Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERIt’s evident that the designers of this product were planning to create not just a comfortable DXracer gaming chair, but a very attractive product, that will match a contemporary home or a fun unconventional office. It will be perfect for both active gaming experience and comfortable everyday work.

General Characteristics:

  • The specific armrests’ structure was created to keep your elbows bent and supported at natural angle thus keeping you from feeling of heaviness in your shoulders, wrists and arms in general.
  • The back of this DXracer is extra high so it would be perfect for tall users. It’s not a secret that spinal support is one of the most important issues for tall people.
  • Tilt system that helps to easily adjust the angle and fix it in a desired position.
  • Strong PU leather and mesh inside of this model by DXracer keep the shape of the seat and of the back in its initial state. The chair will always look like new no matter what.
  • Design perfect for any purpose;
  • Style that matches any room;
  • It’s light and thus very mobile easily moving on any surface type.
  • An extra high chair back may seem uncomfortable for short and average height users.

OH/FD99/NR DXracer Formula Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERLooks like we’ve finally got to the best DXracer chair ever produced. That’s what the buyers’ activity says. This ergonomic gaming chair is probably everything you’re looking for at the moment. If you’ve got enough money to invest in it, don’t hesitate and buy yourself a true companion for your gaming time and everyday office work or studies.

General Characteristics:

  • The design of this DXracer chair will always be a perfect match both for the office or for your home. There’s always a variety of coloring options you can choose from. Besides, there’s also a possibility to get a pre-ordered specific design or color combination.
  • The armrests are very specific. They can be separated or adjusted at any angle providing your elbows with stability and healthy support.
  • The headrest and lumbar cushions are included. They’re also adjustable.
  • The system of gas springs in this DXracer chair model is able to adjust a full metal construction of the DXracer chair as high as you wish. The construction is firm and sturdy, though, it may seem heavy to someone.
  • Sturdy, stable and durable;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Comfortable adjustable construction.
  • May seem heavy and bulky.

How to Choose the Best DXracer Chair?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the DXracer size chart. It’s highly important to get the chair of the right weight and height according to your personal body measures.

  • Tip One: Be aware that each DXracer is made on the base of a full metal framing. It means, that it’s unable to get wider. Be attentive about your personal measurements before you decide to purchase one of the DXracer Otherwise, you’ll feel restricted and uncomfortable. The best way to do this is to literally try it on. Measure your weight, height and specify your body type before ordering a chair online.

However, a full metal DXracer framing is not the last thing that you should care about.

  • Tip Two: If you finally decide to get a DXracer , think about the way you’d like it to feel while you’re sitting on it. You may want to get plunged into the chair and relax or strive for a more steady and firm feeling. Everything depends on a density of the sponge/foam used in the production.

Each of the series has density specifications. For example, the Max DXracer Series is released with the highest foam density.

Most part of DXracer products reviews proves that game chairs turn out to be the most popular among the buyers. These chairs are flexible and ready to adapt to the needs of all users. Here we present you a brief review of highly demanded series of DXracer chairs.

Серия Рекомендуемые типы корпусов Вес Height limitРекомендуемая высота Рекомендуемый вес
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbsПроверить цену
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbsПроверить цену
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1 '' 5'11''180 lbsПроверить цену
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbsПроверить цену
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Проверить цену
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbsПроверить цену
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbsПроверить цену

Types of DXracer chairs

DXracer Formula Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERDXracer size chart says that this series is perfect for 110-180 pounds weigh measurements. The height measurements are 4,9 – 5,3 ft. The chairs of this DXracer series can be angled up to 170 degrees. The armrests can be adjusted together with the lumbar and headrest cushions, which is incredibly handy. Of course, DXracer chairs of the Formula Series have a possibility to fix the height. Models presented in the series are basic for DXracer .

One of the most distinctive features of the DXracer Formula Series is the quality of PU leather used. All of the users say that they never experience overheating and sweating while using the DXracer chairs. The back can be moved as well as the armrests in as many positions as you may desire.

Users’ Notes:

  • The drawback of the most part of DXracer models in the Formula Series is the absence of the tilt-lock. Many users think that this is unacceptable for a chair in this price category.
  • The DXracer lift unit seems to be cheap, that’s why the height adjustment is not flexible especially for people with short height. The lowest position is not low enough for some of the users.
  • The headrest and the armrests’ paddings of the described DXracer series seem to be not comfortable, though the material is durable. The material of the armrests looks flimsy.

DXracer Classic Series

These DXracer chairs will be fine for 170-240 pounds weight measurements. The measurements of height are from 5,5 to 5,11 ft. The Classic Series DXracer models will be a wise choice for people of medium and wide built. They are spacious for people with wide shoulders and wide waist. The recline can be fixed as well as with the other DXracer models. There’s a built in tilt mechanism and a possibility to change and fix the height. This DXracer series includes chairs with Knee-Tilt mechanism and a comfortable leg rest. The sweetest DXracer option here is a possibility to adjust the armrests’ position.

Users’ Notes:

  • Installation and assembling process is a bit tricky.
  • Heavy (which is not actually a disadvantage for some of the DXracer buyers).

DXracer Drift Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERThe designers of DXracer products recommend these chairs for people with athletic bodies. They’re able to hold 160-210 pounds with 5,5 to 5,11 ft. height. The height of the seat is easily adjusted. There’s a tilt DXracer mechanism giving you a chance to get a perfect position for your body while you play or work. The backrest is able to get to 170-degree angle and get fixed for the most comfortable experience. The height of the chairs in the DXracer Drift Series is adjustable as well as the height of the armrests. You’ll also get headrest and lumbar cushions for the top-notch comfort.

This DXracer chair is promised to be extremely firm and stable without loose elements and undesired wobbles. Almost no complaints were ever found by the users of DXracer chairs in the Drift Series, but we’ve made a short analytics.

Users’ Notes:

  • The DXracer assembling is simple.
  • The chair produces no noise while moving or turning.
  • Metal framed unique DXracer wings on the back sometimes feel too tight and uncomfortable – special attention should be paid to the exact measurements of your weight and height before you decide to buy a chair.
  • Armrests don’t have enough positions.
  • Some of the Drift DXracer chair series have specific smell.
  • The design is pretty bulky.

DXracer Racing Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERAlmost every DXracer gaming chair review says that products belonging to DXracer Racing Series are created for people with narrow and medium body measurements. If you’re wide or sporty with athletic built, Racing Series DXracer chairs may be too tight for you. The weight measurements of this DXracer series are 115-210 pounds. The acceptable height measurements for these DXracer models are 5,5-5,8 ft. The standard set of adjustable elements includes footrests.

The aluminum base of DXracer chairs of the Racing Series is only 27 inches wide. It means that it’s no way usable for people with bulky built. However, the chair itself is able to hold quite a lot of weight. The footrest is included.

The nest pleasant option here is the wide choice of colors and color combinations. The design is ergonomic and thus perfect for the office and home. Everyone agrees that racing DXracer chairs are perfect for the price.

Users’ Notes:

  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • The cushions are not as fit as the ones from the formula series DXracer
  • Produces noise while moving after being used for a short period.

Quite a number of buyers note that there’s no specific difference between the Racing series and Formula series. If you compare DXracer Formula vs Racing series attentively, you’ll note that Стулья DXracer of the Racing Series were initially created for people with slimmer built in comparison to the formula DXracer series that seem to be more universal and flexible for a larger range of users.

DXracer King Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERDXracer chairs of this series are perfect for people with bulky built. The weight specifications are pretty wide: 170-310 pounds. These chairs can be comfortably used by people of 5,6-6,1 height. One of the best options here is a 4D adjustment of armrests – they practically can be moved in all possible directions.

Generally speaking, the King Series DXracer computer chair models are created for “kings”. They are designed for large folks, but they still look stylish and luxurious. They are also perfect for those who like to have some extra room in a computer chair while playing or working for a long period of time. King Series DXracer chairs provide you with perfect spinal support and complete comfort of your arms without feeling of heaviness in hands and elbows.

Pay attention that the adjustable cushions of the DXracer chairs in the King Series need time to “get used” to your body shapes. They’re firm, but when they break in according to the shapes and curves of your body, you’ll realize that there’s nothing more comfortable.

The armrests of this DXracer model are wide, which may seem to be a disadvantage for some of the users.

Users’ Notes:

  • Supportive and comfortable.
  • The seat itself is not soft, but the back is steady and very firm.
  • The possibility of armrests adjustment are restricted.
  • Some of the DXracer buyers think that the lumbar pillow is too big and bulky.
  • The neck pillow is tricky for the adjustment.

DXracer Tank Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERThese chairs were intentionally created for larger people. Each DXracer computer chair in the Tank Series can hold users up to 450 pounds. Maximum height possible is 6 ft.  Besides, these DXracer chairs are able to tilt to 120 degrees and keep this position fixed no matter how much you weight. The DXracer cylinders with gas in the base are able to provide the users with best support ever possible.

One of the best features here are 4D DXracer adjustable armrests that can be turned and fixed in all directions.

Users’ Notes:

  • Perfect for bulky guys.
  • Quite heavy and bulky, but moves easily on all types of surfaces.
  • No actual flaws were detected in DXracer chairs belonging to Tank Series.

Feel Yourself a King

DXracer has always been busy producing chairs for racing, but at present, these chairs are considered to be real thrones in the world of gaming. They are no less impressive if you chose them for your office. The most popular DXracer chairs belong to King and Formula series. Let’s have a brief look at K-Series.

You get:

  • A possibility to regulate height by means of gas powered DXracer
  • A comfortable rubbery surface of the armrests.
  • The recline range is everything you may want it to be – it’s actually incredible, which sometimes even seems to be impractical.
  • The DXracer design is ultimately ergonomic with a ton of movable and removable elements.
  • Universal DXracer chair wheels able to move on any type of surface without scratching it or hurting in any possible way.
  • Full metal firm DXracer framing inside.
  • A rocking option with a possibility to fix the tilt angle.
  • Heavy bolts in the structure that provides the users with maximum comfort and stability.
  • Durable materials used both on the inside and on the outside of the DXracer construction – top quality PU leather with elastic and bouncy mesh.
  • The embroidered DXracer logo in the neck area of the chair.
  • Armrests that can be fully adjusted to all angles and positions to give your hands and wrists strong support and heathy elbow position.
  • An extra-large back (that may be disturbing for people with average height).
  • Easy step-by-step assembling.

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACER

Worthy DXracer Ergonomics

Each of the details in the construction of DXracer chairs is thought-out. The first insignificant, but sensible detail is cushions. The headrest and the lumbar cushions can be easily adjusted according to your personal needs.

The only trouble here is that DXracer chairs of the King series are mostly designed for tall and bulky people. That’s why the headrest cushion may be excessive. Nevertheless, it’s easily unadjusted, so it can’t be a trouble. Most of the users of the DXracer chairs agree that a lumber cushion is a real win in matters of accessories and adjustable elements. Lumbar support is a true win here.

A DXracer hydraulic lifting system combined with fully adjustable armrests make the chair a perfect solution both for your gaming area and for your office. King DXracer series chairs allow you to rock moving back and forth. A comfortable angle can be blocked.

What strikes the most part of the users is a recline level. It’s not only about King series – almost each of the DXracer chairs is able to recline as low as a real car seat. Looks like the company tries to literally beat the laws of physics. Sometimes it seems to be defying common sense, because a recline level like this looks senseless, but cool. DXracer chairs of the King series can be reclined almost completely flat.

There’s a large range of coloring options starting from neutral colors and color combinations of black, grey and white, finishing with bright yellow, acid green and deep red. There’s also a number of options that can be preordered for some extra money.

More Attention to the Size

DXracer chairs of the King series seems to be top products of the company. They are probably among the most popular chairs in the world of gaming. However, you shouldn’t think that it makes King series gaming chairs universal. For instance, F-series DXracer chairs are not that bulky and heavy. Basic materials used in the construction of the chairs in both series are the same, but F-series have a less sized inner metal framing and smaller wheels, which makes them actually affordable.

A Gaming King?

You should also realize that DXracer chairs are not designed only for gamers. King series chairs give you maximum immersion, which will be comfortable for the lovers of space simulators with long flights. This immersion will give you comfort at work as well no matter how much time you have to spend at your desk while working or studying.

King series DXracer chairs are probably the heaviest ones. They move on all types of surfaces, however, you’ll have to push harder while moving it across the carpets. However, it also makes King series chairs more stable.

DXracer chairs belonging to King-series were designed with the highest back possible. It may seem offbeat, but you slowly get used to it. The only thing that may actually feel disturbing is the side parts of the chair getting into your peripheral vision.

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACER

The DXracer Built

The construction of this DXracer series is flawless. It makes no noise while moving if properly assembled. No screaking, no squeaking or other unpleasant things. The weight limit of the series is 180Kg, while F-series, for instance, stops at 120Kg. DXracer had to make their King series chairs as solid as it is possible. Everything seems premium and durable.

The hinges can be easily cleaned because they are hidden behind the plastic covers. Time after time, you’ll have to oil your DXracer chair’s mechanical elements to give it a chance for a better and longer life.

The assembling is easier than it may seem – the chair comes with bolts inside and you’ll have to remove them to assemble your DXracer . The bolts are already placed in the appropriate holes, so it shouldn’t be hard to get them back while assembling. Each of the DXracer chairs is accompanied by a two-year warranty.


The best DXracer chairs in the King series generally start from $470. However, you should remember that the company suggests more options in other series at about $350.

DXracer King Series Overall Impression

  • Simple assembling;
  • Perfect ergonomics for more comfortable gaming experience;
  • Stylish DXracer design and a ton of coloring options starting from classy ones finishing with real badass ones;
  • Unbelievable recline and a ton of adjustment possibilities;
  • Perfect DXracer built combined with a sensible price;
  • Bulky and heavy (which seems to be the only questionable fault here).

More DXracer Chairs Reviews

OH/FD01/N Formula Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACEROne of the most popular gaming chairs produced by DXracer with a wide range pf coloring options. Besides, the price for it is sensible – this DXracer model is affordable. Its ergonomic structure is combined with adjustable armrests able to get into 8 different positions for your comfortable gaming experience. The lumbar and headrest pillows are included. This DXracer chair is designed to remind you of a classic racing car seat, supporting you like a soft cloud.

  • Soft and comfy;
  • A handy recline feature;
  • Smooth DXracer armrests that can be adjusted or removed whenever you’re willing to;
  • Perfect neck and spinal support.
  • Pricing may seem tough;
  • Stiff feeling – the chair may be a bit narrow to bulky or tall users;
  • Some of the users say that the lumbar pillow of this DXracer feels uncomfortable when the chair is reclined.

OH/DF73/NC Drifting Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACEREveryone wants to invest in a DXracer model like this. It’s not only practical, but aesthetically perfect. It’s attractive and pleasing to the eye. Its appearance is sleek and flawless. Actually, this DXracer design and functionality can be compared to no other DXracer model.

  • Sleek and stylish;
  • More padding in comparison to the DXracer chairs of other series;
  • Specific adjustable elements with a headrest pillow for ultimate feel;
  • Extra high back;
  • Comes with DXracer hardware and tools in the package.
  • Quite pricey;
  • The aluminum DXracer base inside is pretty narrow which may feel unpleasant to bulky gamers;
  • Less padding on the back;
  • Adjustable DXracer cushions are positioned with mounting straps, which may seem tricky.

DOH/FH00/NO Formula Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERDXracer chairs from the Racing series are as popular among gamers as the King series. The difference is that Formula series chairs are not that wide and bulky.

This DXracer chair is affordable, reliable and long lasting. It may become your perfect friend helping you to get absorbed by the process of playing video games.

  • Top-notch DXracer built out of high quality metal and synthetic long-lasting materials;
  • Relaxing DXracer mesh able to adjust your curves and weight;
  • Simple assembling;
  • A variety of designs and color options;
  • The ergonomic DXracer structure of the chair will never let you feel uncomfortable or painful after long sessions of playing or working at your desk.
  • Quite a lot of users note that this DXracer model has stiff and uncomfortable armrests – you’ll have to get covers for them to make your arms and hands feel cozy.

OH/FE57 DXracer Formula Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERThis DXracer belonging to F-series has quite a lot of advantages. This seat will certainly give you great spinal support with stable posture. You’ll never get a stiff feeling in your spine and you’ll be protected from pains in the back. Armrests of this DXracer model can be adjusted and removed whenever you want to.

The back of the DXracer chair can be reclined down to an almost flat position – sleep in it if you’ve got no strength to get to bed after a long gaming session.

  • A specific DXracer slide-in design that simplifies assembling and installation;
  • Custom wheels with PU coating for softer moving on all surfaces;
  • Looks like a true seat for a racecar with carbon elements.
  • Padding on the seat may be uncomfortable if you’re bulky.

DOH/RW106/NE DXracer Racing Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERDXracer chair producing company knows how to create perfect gaming seats for users all over the world borrowing concepts from the best actual racing car seats. No wonder that they are the most suitable for the lovers of active video gaming. Of course, DXracer chairs are as harmonious in front of your computer screen as at your office desk.

The key feature here is ergonomics (the same with other DXracer models). The back is tall, the headrest is accompanied by an adjustable cushion. There’s an extremely comfortable lumbar cushion that can be adjusted to the back of the seat by means of elastic straps. A full metal DXracer frame is sturdy and able to bear years of playing. The surface of the chair is PU leather with vinyl covering.

  • An awesome ergonomic DXracer structure;
  • A perfect gaming companion and a practical office fellow;
  • The vinyl covering is easily cleaned;
  • Assembling is intuitive;
  • Firm, stable and sturdy.
  • Padding is not firm enough for some buyers;
  • Quite a lot of users note that DXracer vinyl covering of the chair makes you sweat if you live in hot and wet climate.
  • Costs quite a lot in comparison to other gaming chairs of the same functionality.

DOH/CE120/NR DXracer Classic Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERIt’s evident that this DXracer was initially designed for taller and bulkier users. It’s wide, it’s heavy, it’s firm with a tall and wide back and head rest. All of this gives a gamer more room for freedom of movement and stable spinal support, which is vital for people this tall.

This DXracer chair is also perfect as an office chair. It weighs about 10 pounds, but the construction in general is sturdy. It’s heavy, but it’s not easily moved from one place to another – you’ll stay securely fixed in one place.

  • The best DXracer for large players;
  • Flawless support;
  • Additional lumbar pillow is included;
  • A reclining fixable back;
  • The DXracer vinyl covering of the chair is easily cleaned;
  • Perfect both for the office and for your gaming experience.
  • Very heavy, bulky and hardly moving on the surface;
  • Takes a lot of space in the room – not a sensible solution for tiny spaces;
  • Padding in some of the areas of this DXracer feels too firm;
  • A lot of users say that the assembling is easy, but heavy elements of the construction demand no less than two people to deal with the construction;
  • Quite a pricey solution.

DOH/FD01/NR DXracer Formula Series

criteria-768x697-1 Excellent armchair: everything you need to know about DXRACERThis DXracer design is a mix of a classic racing car seat and an ergonomic office chair. It’s destined to last for hours of video gaming and desk working. It gives support thanks to the padding and adjustable cushions.

The DXracer foam of high density gives incredible support. This type of cushioning is easily cleaned and will never deteriorate. All of the adjustable elements of this DXracer can be moved and fixed the way you feel it best. The back of the DXracer chair can lay flat to give you a chance to have a nap between the periods of strained desktop work at night.

The extended use of is DXracer model is provided by a full metal frame. No matter where you are, you’ll get stability.

  • Superior DXracer construction and ergonomic design;
  • Fixable height and angle with tilt allowing you to get the most comfortable position;
  • Able to turn 360˚ without any difficulty;
  • Assembling is easy.
  • May be uncomfortable for younger users with smaller built and short height.

Bottom Line

DXracer chairs were designed to please every user, that’s why the range of products offered by the company is huge. Everything depends on your needs – DXracer series include perfect solutions for active gamers, desk workers and hard-working students. What makes DXracer products a true standout? Check this out:

  • Ergonomic DXracer design;
  • Flawless style;
  • Simple assembling;
  • High quality PU leather;
  • Resilient DXracer breathable mesh;
  • Full-metal framing inside;
  • Hydraulic height adjustment DXracer system;
  • Metal wheels;
  • A variety of designs including personalized pre-ordered DXracer

Some of the DXracer models are bulky, but it’s just a part of the list designed to please larger users. Remember, there’s always a DXracer model that will suit you best – the only thing you need to pay attention to is your personal parameters. The best way to pick out a DXracer is to literally try it on.

There’s only one thing that is considered to be a DXracer flaw – the price. Most part of the buyers agree that the pricing is artificially high. However, all of these people agree that DXracer chairs are unique and can’t be compared to other products of similar functionality.

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